Nancy & Brian Graham

Nancy & Brian Graham

Graham Design

What we offer to our clients is a strategic approach to workplace furniture design, development and marketing.

As trained Interior Designers, we instinctively understand applications and in turn respond with innovative product designs that address evolving workplace needs and trends.

We work directly with your team to shape solutions that are understandable, manufacturable, and marketable.

We’ll also help a company define its niche and shape its brand through authentic marketing of these new products across a broad spectrum of communication platforms.

Brian Graham

Brian Graham

Designer. Advocate. Advisor. Brian offers a strategic approach in the design, development and marketing of workplace furniture.

“I’m an interior designer who has evolved into a furniture designer, and it informs everything that I do. While it's important to understand the object that we're designing, it’s even more vital to understand how it’s going to be used. That’s why planning is the foundation of everything that we do.”

Graham’s design solutions have been recognized by the most prestigious organizations in the U.S., including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), The Institute of Business Designers, The International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design, The International Facilities Management Association and The Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA).

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Nancy Graham

Nancy Graham

Nancy’s career has thrived at the intersection of design and business. Her approach emerged first as an interior design student at San Diego State University and deepened working with prominent architecture and interior design firms in Los Angeles.

She then acquired uncommon insight into markets, client needs and the user experience during her tenure with design-driven companies like Geiger, a division of Herman Miller, and Knoll, Inc.

In senior roles at Geiger and Knoll, Nancy directed projects for clients who ranged from international law firms and financial groups to high-tech giants and start-ups. She became a trusted resource and partner to the A&D community, developing innovative product applications in response to evolving workplace needs and trends. Nancy was also instrumental in opening new markets, building brand and market presence and achieving consistent growth.

At Graham Design, Nancy helps a company define its niche and shape its brand through relevant products and compelling messaging across a vast array of media.

She works with independent designers on new products and with her creative team on brand, web sites and social media—all within the context of design excellence and market intelligence.

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